Speaker’s Bureau

April 6th Speakers Bureau Training has been postponed. If you are interested in learning how to tell your story about living with HIV, this training is for you! See contact info below.

This program provides the opportunity for people living with or personally affected by HIV/AIDS to take their personal experiences and translate them into messages aimed at educating others about HIV/AIDS, reducing levels of stigma and discrimination, and creating supporting environments for those story tellers.

This platform allows speakers to:

  • increase knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS and the agency in Waterloo Region
  • experience the therapeutic process of sharing their own knowledge and experiences
  • have a positive influence on the participants by educating others about HIV/AIDS and providing an opportunity in which participants can openly discuss issues
  • contribute to the development of a safe learning environment, which promotes open discussion, self-esteem and healthy ways of living.

pennies-for-aids-squarePennies for AIDS

Read some of the stories from our Speaker’s Bureau Volunteers.