Red Scarf Project

ACCKWA’s Red Scarf Project

We are excited to embark on the Red Scarf Project for our 6th year! The Red Scarf Project, an awareness-raising and stigma-busting initiative in support of people living with HIV in Waterloo Region. We hope to collect red scarves created by service users, volunteers, and community groups, along with their personalized messages expressing what their relationship with HIV and what ACCKWA means to them. These scarves and messages will then be available for purchase in December, demonstrating to the community the many different ways HIV can impact someone’s life, regardless of their status.

For the Red Scarf Project, the process is just as important as the end product. We will be bringing people together for a virtual webinar to share company and educate participants about HIV in our region, past and present. Isolation is a consequence of HIV-related stigma, and we are confident that this will bring our service users together with members of the community to learn about the real, lived experiences of people living with HIV.

Our project hopes to collect at least 50 scarves. Once the project is completed in December, some of the scarves will be available for purchase to raise money for our food program, and others will be donated to community members through our partners.

Getting involved:

  • Donate a scarf, knitting needles or red yarn, or a craft store gift card
  • Share the project with your networks
  • Donate directly to ACCKWA through our Canada Helps page
  • Tune in to our webinar in November to learn more about ACCKWA’s work and insight into HIV prevention and support

Virtual Webinar

Join ACCKWA’s Prevention Team, Support Team and Executive Director as they host a discussion on November 29th in advance of World AIDS Day on Thursday, December 1st. The theme of this year’s AIDS awareness campaign is “Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility”. The hosts will be discussing topics related to the AIDS crisis, the history and impacts of HIV/AIDS activism, the evolution of HIV treatment and prevention, HIV stigma and more!

Register for the Virtual Webinar here:

The following resources have been provided by our panelists and may be referenced during the webinar. If you are looking for more information about HIV/AIDS or the Red Scarf Project:

1. Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance “The Sex You Want” website

Have questions or need more information? Contact Ben at