Gay Men’s Sexual Health

The Gay Men’s Sexual Health (GMSH) Department is focused on the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) for gay, bisexual, trans, and other guys into guys, as well as the development of healthy, vibrant communities free from stigma. These goals are achieved through a combination of outreach, support, education and community development initiatives.

The department is staffed by two individuals whom you may contact at any time for support or with questions/concerns related to programming, HIV/STI information, sexual health and safer sex practices:

Gay Men’s Sexual Health Coordinator 
Benjamin Warren
Phone: 519-570-3687 ext. 314

Gay Men’s Sexual Health Worker
Fabian Fletcher
Phone: 519-635-2437 (text available) OR 519-570-3687 ext. 312


Please see below for more information on the GMSH Department and its various initiatives.



  • Fun & informative workshops – From HIV basics to the legal complexities of HIV disclosure, we can deliver workshops relating to issues affecting gay, bi, and other men who have sex with men as they relate to HIV, other STIs and sexual health.
    • We have workshops and trainings available for service providers as well as gay, bi, and other guys into guys! 

Mï Talk:                                          

Looking for a positive change in your sex life?  Want healthier relationships?  Come chat with us about the sex you want and make it happen! Mï Talk is a project supporting gay, bisexual, trans and other men who have sex with men to have better sex lives, sexual relationships and sexual health!

Mï Talk is a 4-week one-on-one program. Through discussions and exercises with one of our specifically trained staff/volunteers, you will have a chance to meaningfully and freely talk about and reflect on your sex life, your sexual relationships, and your sexual health – whatever they mean to you! By the end of the fourth session, you will be able to identify some actions to achieve the sex you want!

Please contact Benjamin or Fabian for more information or to book an information session!

The Sex You Want

The Sex You Want (TSYW) is an ongoing campaign in collaboration with Ontario’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance. TSYW features animated videos, comic strips, and info-graphics that reflect the complex and diverse experiences of guys into guys grounded in science and a progressive attitude towards sex and pleasure. Check it out at!

Volunteer Opportunities and Peer Programs:

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Teaching new things to others? Want to make a difference in your community? Come volunteer with us!

Peers are defined by the GMSH Department as those who self-identify as members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Queer community, including those living with and without HIV. Peer opportunities for this program include:

  • Park Outreach – From May to October, peers work in pairs to hang kits containing condoms, lube, testing information, and counselling referral information in wooded areas around the region where GBMSM cruise for sex, as well as clean up any waste that is found. Peers in this program need to be able to go through ACCKWA’s general training as well as our specific park outreach training. They must also be able to navigate through heavily wooded areas in often unpleasant conditions.
  • Event Outreach – All year long, the GMSH Department makes appearances at various events and festivals where GBMSM are likely to attend in large numbers. Often, this form of outreach involves interacting with the public through a sexual health quiz game focused on GBMSM sexual health and history. Peers in this program need to go through ACCKWA’s general training, bar outreach training, familiarize themselves with the various resources we distribute, and demonstrate a general aptitude for up-to-date gay men’s sexual health knowledge.
  • Online Outreach – Every week, the GMSH Department performs online outreach to GBMSM in a variety of online platforms, from Grindr to Squirt! Peers assist with this program by “checking out” our tablet and performing outreach for an additional three hours per week on their own, on a rotating basis. 

If you are interested in volunteering with our program, please visit ACCKWA’s volunteer page.