Cambridge CTS FAQ

ACCKWA is a signatory to the letter on the crisis of Ontario Supervised Consumption Site (SCS) Closures that was released March 4, 2024, facilitated by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. We encourage the public to read the letter, and to view the discussion briefing that occurred in support of the letter.

In Ontario, we are losing 9 people a day to drug toxicity. The existing Consumption and Treatment Service (CTS) application process creates barriers to intervening and saving lives. There is a cap imposing a maximum of 21 Ontario sites, and the process requires additional conditions exceeding Health Canada’s requirements. Communities that are opposed to harm reduction can also prevent implementation of these healthcare facilities, even in the face of evidence demonstrating overwhelming need for this form of overdose prevention and support.

During the provincial moratorium on applications, we cannot proceed on a Cambridge CTS application.

If responded to, the requests in the letter will enable ACCKWA to proceed on an application for Cambridge. The approaches outlined in the letter address the needs of vulnerable community members, using evidence-based approaches that respect individual autonomy and do not force people who use drugs into either withdrawal or into treatment modalities that can increase risk of death in the same manner as overdose.