Support for the African and Caribbean Community

The African and Caribbean Community Development program offers culturally and linguistically appropriate support, education, and outreach services to African and Caribbean newcomers and communities. We engage members of the community in education and awareness events and activities, form partnerships with local ethno-cultural associations for capacity building and community development, and engage faith communities in reducing HIV stigma. We also deliver client-centered support services to African and Caribbean newcomers living with HIV/AIDS, address immigration and settlement needs, provide employment/education credential guidance, and engage newcomers who are feeling isolated by inviting them to participate in our social groups:

  • Women’s Social Group
  • Community gardens
  • Monthly Cooking Circle

Join our African, Caribbean and Black Women in the monthly Cooking Circle

Also look for us at the Link Picnic Festival, KW Multicultural Festival, and Bring on the Sunshine events!

Fragments of Me

“Fragments of Me” is a project created by members of the community living with HIV in Waterloo and Wellington Regions. It was started by the African and Caribbean Strategy Coordinator at ACCKWA/ARCH as a way to facilitate sharing the stories of Black people living with HIV.  Many PHA members of the African, Caribbean and Black communities did not feel safe participating in other anti-stigma initiatives like the Speaker’s Bureau due to the intersectional stigma they experience as racialized PHAs in a smaller community.  The impact of Fragments interested other members of the PHA community, and they were also invited to share their stories. Today, Fragments of Me is a growing collection of over seventeen stories that demonstrate that while HIV is significant, it is only one part of individuals’ multifaceted lives.

ACCKWA’s African, Caribbean and Black programming is supported by ACCHO, the African & Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario, and our work aligns with the Ontario HIV/AIDS Strategy for African, Caribbean and Black Communities 2013-2018