We have a Lending Library of fiction books written by LGBTQ+ authors, books with LGBTQ+ protagonists, books written by people of colour (POC), books with POC protagonists, non-fiction books and zines by and about BIPOC folks (in particular mental health), and by and about LGBTQ+ folks (in particular, sexual health). The hope is that we continue to collect books that allow people to see themselves reflected in the characters, the stories, and the experiences. We welcome recommendations to grow our little library!

You can find our book list, borrowing and return policy, and book summaries here!

Our Program

ACCKWA’s Youth Sexual Health Department offers education and outreach services to youth in Waterloo Region. Our programming aims to empower youth to manage their sexual health by developing skills, increasing self-efficacy, and improving access to resources. We provide free workshops for youth as well as for parents, educators, and service providers who work with youth. We also do one-on-one risk reduction counseling, and outreach at local events, on social media, and via text.

We operate Doin’ It, a confidential, non-judgmental sexual health resource for youth in Waterloo Region. You can find us on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, or use our anonymous text service to ask any questions about sex, sexuality, and sexual health. Just text us at 519-569-9521!

We created the following resources to accompany our workshops, but they’re just as helpful on their own if you’re looking to start a conversation, learn something new, or help a friend.

Guide for Condom Use
Guide to Inclusive Language
Guide to Safer Sex & Tech
Guide to Talking about Sex & Tech
– Guide for Trans/Non-Cis Youth in WR

Tip: to print in brochure format, select “print on both sides” and the “flip on short edge” option.

YSHAG (Youth Sexual Health Action Group)

In partnership with SHORE Centre, we support YSHAG, a working group that strives to create safer spaces and foster open dialogue about relationships and sexual health, in particular for LGBTQ+ youth in Waterloo Region. We meet weekly on Monday afternoons at SHORE or ACCKWA in Kitchener (with snacks!) and come up with different ideas for projects and events (like the zine we made this summer).  Bus tickets are provided at each meeting. For more information, check us out on Facebook or email us at


If you are looking to get tested for STIs, visit any of the Youth Sexual Health Clinics and text us if you have any questions!

2017 ACCKWA Youth Sexual Health Summary Report

Contact Carolyn Keays at or 519-570-3687 ext. 302 or Erin McLaren at and ext. 308 for more information.