Volunteering & Placements with ACCKWA

  • Interested in a meaningful volunteer experience?
  • Looking to give back to the community?
  • Need to complete a placement with a community organization?

Check out our Programs and see where you’ll fit in. Please email volunteer@acckwa.com to get more information about how you can become a part of ACCKWA, or to get more information about completing a student placement. 

Orientation Training for volunteers, students and peers is offered on a Saturday in late winter and again in the fall every year.  The next training is:

Wednesday, October 24th

6:00pm ACCKWA The Agency 101

7:30pm Harm Reduction


Monday, October 29th

6:00pm Safer Spaces

7:30pm HIV 101

.  Please consider this date when planning your start time. RSVP to Lynn volunteer@

ACCKWA Volunteer Awards

We present annual awards to volunteers who have given outstanding service in five program areas. You are invited to nominate a volunteer that you are aware fits the criteria listed in the letter here  and form here. Please follow the submission deadline information in the letter and submit to volunteer@acckwa.com


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