Ruth Cameron

Executive Director

Executive Director

519-570-3687 ext.304

Lynn Cashubec

Coordinator of Volunteers and Peer Engagement

519-570-3687 ext.305

Chris White

Coordinator of Support Services

519-570-3687 ext.310

Priscilla Muzira

African & Caribbean Community Development Coordinator

519-570-3687 ext.309

Jenn Boyd

Harm Reduction Coordinator

519-570-3687 ext.307

Carolyn Keays

Youth Sexual Health Coordinator

519-570-3687 ext.302

Erin McLaren

Youth Sexual Health Worker

519-570-3687 ext.308

Amy Venner

Women’s Community Development Coordinator

519-570-3687 ext.341

Colin Boucher

Gay Men’s Sexual Health Coordinator

519-570-3687 ext.314

Victor LeFort

Gay Men’s Sexual Health Worker

519-570-3687 ext.312

Scott Taylor

Finance Manager