Harm Reduction

AwebsiteCCKWA’s Harm Reduction department provides programs and services to reduce the risk of HIV/HCV transmission among people who use drugs. Our services embrace harm reduction philosophy. Harm reduction is “any program or policy designed to reduce drug-related harm without requiring the cessation of drug use” (CAMH). Our services are not in opposition to treatment or abstinence programming; we offer options to bridge the gaps in the continuum of care, recognizing that people who use drugs are at an elevated risk for HIV and hepatitis C infection. Harm reduction meets people where they’re at, emphasizes their autonomy, and trusts them as experts in their own experience.


Our free and confidential harm reduction services:

  • Safepoint needle syringe program at our  main office
  • Safepoint needle syringe programs at our satellite sites: The Cambridge Self Help Food Bank and St John’s Kitchen
  • We provide a non-judgmental atmosphere where people can get new safer injection/inhalation supplies and return their used equipment
  • Delivery of safer injection supplies
  • Workshops about HIV, harm reduction, and safer substance use.

Injection supplies are also accessible through Region of Waterloo Public Health and the Sanguen Community Health Van


If you find a needle:

If you find a needle, contact Region of Waterloo Bylaw at (519) 575-4591. If you are comfortable disposing of the needle yourself, you can find the proper steps here.



For more information on needle exchange and harm reduction programs:

Needle Exchange FAQ  (Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program)

Effectiveness of Sterile Needle and Syringe Programming in Reducing HIV/AIDS Among Injecting Drug Users 

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